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RTEX is a leading supplier of medical equipment, including operational and cardiological facilities for decades. We have been selling medical devices of the highest quality produced by industry pioneers. RTEX is the only partner you need from preparing and furnishing medical facilities to introducing new medical devices or upgrading existing medical equipment. We include the appropriate equipment and solutions for medical devices to enhance your patient care level. 

RTEX works around the country with leading hospitals to provide patients in their care with the highest quality mobile medical equipment. Our company is proud to provide quality, qualified equipment; sold, maintained and managed to help healthcare service providers concentrate on the cure of their patients. 

RTEX primary business is selling and reselling of  medical equipment and offer value-added services to our hospital partners to complement our place in the dealing of hospital equipment such as renovated equipment, biomedical maintenance and preventive upgrades, system shutdown and asset management.

Not only our sales of new items, but also the refurbished ones ensure that equipment that is functionally and cosmetically refurbished looks and works as new. 

Our refurbished surgical equipment is accredited in standard and meets or exceeds OEM standards. RTEX’s dedication to provide committed workers with creative technology-infused technologies, organizational excellence, and an inspirational corporate community has resulted in unmatched customer support and value to its customer partners in the region.

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Our Mission

RTEX Medical is the largest manufacturer of new and used medical devices in many medical environments. With over decades of experience, our main objective is to provide state of the arc new and used equipment (refurbished) to medical facilities, and physicians across the country. 

RTEX provides an unrivalled approach to your medical needs with an extensive range of wholly reworked inventories, innovative customer support services and extensive knowledge of the technology of medical equipment. RTEX is a proud seller of FDA and ISO certified medical equipment, which offers high-quality diagnostic equipment at affordable prices.

Our Vision

Here at RTEX, we hope you could see us as your first and best choice in the brand new and refurbished medical equipment industry. Our vision and philosophy are simple: To Take pride in brand loyalty and uphold the highest quality of customer service. We are committed to using our business experience to find and supply our customers with the right medical devices at the lowest price in a timely and competent manner. 

We do whatever we can to ensure that we get things right for the first time, and provide easy fixes if you ever need service on your equipment. In order to address all your questions about the items in our vast catalogue, our professional sales and support staff are thoroughly qualified. Our priority is to make sure that you feel secure with every order. We are committed to supplying you with a friendly experience that is pleasant and comforting.

Our Values

RTEX is accredited for its medical equipment management system; contracted with the top group buying organizations (GPOs) and provides innovative opportunities for handling equipment purchases, equipment repair, and apparatus monitoring technologies. To ensure partner loyalty, RTEX offers value-added services such as remote equipment sales, equity options, customizable payment options; proprietary equipment maintenance systems and RFID tagged equipment.

Our dedication to delivering creative solutions, organizational efficiency and encouraging a business culture of committed employees has resulted in unprecedented customer support and satisfaction to its customer partners around the country. RTEX staff is delighted to help their hospital providers facilitate the healing process for the people they represent.

We respect your time and recognize that you have a lot of options when it comes to buying medical supplies. RTEX guarantees attentive, effective, courteous service — that is our loyalty to you. We’re looking forward to supporting you with all your medical device needs.

If you can’t find what you’re searching for, please email us directly so we can assist you in your hunt.

We’re looking forward to working with you!

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