Agreement Terms

All rental agreements between RTEX and its clients will last for the agreed term and renew automatically unless stated otherwise in the specific agreement. In case of a renewable agreement where either party wants to terminate the agreement without cause, a one-month notice period shall be applicable. In case a customer continues to use equipment past the preset term of the agreement, it would be considered as an automatic renewable and will be billable at the same rate.

Equipment Ownership

All equipment delivered to a customer will be usable only for the predefined purposes in the agreement. The customer cannot use the equipment for any other purpose without getting written consent from RTEX. The customer is also not allowed to use the equipment for any unlawful activity at any time. Defaulting of the client will automatically terminate the right for the customer to continue using the equipment.

Software Licenses

Acquisition of equipment under a rental agreement does not authorize the client to any ownership of the software being used in or along with the equipment requested by the client. It will be the sole property of RTEX and will continue to be so even after installation at client premises. The client will only use it for the purpose of running the equipment and will not use it for any other purpose than what is predefined in the agreement without prior approval from RTEX.


All payments for rentals shall be done within 10 days of the receipt from RTEX, unless stated otherwise in the rental agreement. Invoices not paid within the predefined payment period shall be subject to a fine percentage defined in the rental agreement according to the equipment rented. Fees can also be adjusted by RTEX after a minimum of six months with a one-month notice period.

Maintenance and Repairs

It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that the equipment is protected from all kinds of damages. Wear and tear of certain kinds (as expected with each machine) is acceptable. The equipment should be always maintained properly to avoid any material damage or personal injury from the equipment. Service fees for all rental equipment will be included in the rental cost unless stated otherwise. If any equipment gets damaged in any way due to negligence of the customer, then they will be liable for all repairs and replacement if justified and necessary.


RTEX will be responsible for all the shipment fees involved in the initial shipment of equipment to client premises. The same shall also apply upon return of equipment at the end of rental agreement. The client will not be liable for shipping cost for routine repair and maintenance unless it is due to negligence from the client.


Either party can terminate rental agreement with a one-month notice period. Upon termination RTEX will be allowed immediate access to the equipment for removal from premises.

Warranty and Liability

The equipment will only be covered for warranty provided on an “as is” basis. RTEX will not be held liable under any capacity for incidents that may occur while the equipment is at the client premises.

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