Medical Equipment Financing

RTEX has been providing medical equipment solutions to its clients for a long time. Ever since its conception, the company has committed to providing the best quality equipment and services to every client, leading to a reputation that we both enjoy and are proud of. We pride ourselves on interest free payments on all medical equipment. Our clientele includes several national medical institutions providing quality healthcare services to the public using equipment sourced through RTEX.

Why Choose Leasing?

Deal with payments at your ease, thereby keeping cashflow open for essential needs.

We provide you with the equipment you need immediately without making you worry about immediate payments.

Upgrade without hassle

Always keep the latest equipment by purchasing everything using adaptable end-of-term agreements.

Incredibly easy installment plans

By providing the lowest possible installment plans, we let you buy your equipment with ease

Fixed installments

By using fixed amounts for installments, we let you plan your future costs much more accurately.

Easy payment options

You can start your payment schedule later when you find it easier without having to delay equipment acquisition.

Better ROI

Get better return on investment for each purchase by opting for operating leases.

Treat it like an expense

Forget capital expenditure and treat your purchase like an expense, allowing you to improve your credit rating.

The way out for financially strained institutions

It is the perfect solution for any client that is short on cash and needs the equipment right away.

Buying Options

Capital Lease

In this option the customer pays fixed installments against the lease of any equipment for a fixed period. Once it is complete, the customer can buy the equipment using the buyout option. Customers cannot return the equipment under this arrangement and simply use it as a way of financing equipment that they simply did not have cash payment for. You can customize every purchase according to your needs.

Main Advantages

  1. Pre-defined duration of payments
  2. Equipment buyout
  3. Buy new equipment without worrying about financial constraints
  4. Pay using your capital
  5. Affordable monthly payments
  6. Straightforward paperwork
  7. Interest free plans on all devices

Operating Lease

Monthly compensation for using equipment for a predefined period. Once the time is up, the customer can buy the equipment at market value, add another year of renting period, or return equipment to RTEX to end contract. Contracts are customizable to meet customer needs.

Main Advantages

  1. Pre-defined duration of payments
  2. Lowest installment rates in industry
  3. Option for buy-out after completion of term
  4. Complete contract termination on return of equipment
  5. Equipment can be bought using operating expense budget
  6. Straightforward paperwork

Both options are fully customizable according to your needs and you can choose something that does not burden you in any way. RTEX has gained a reputation for its customer friendly approach and the ability to accommodate where no one else would, such as interest free payments plans on all devices. Our services allow you to not only operate smoothly but also advance yourself in every area without worrying about the cost it would take to upgrade your equipment.

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