Aaron Bovie 2350 Surgi-Center|PRO – 200 watt Electrosurgical Generator

The Surgi-Center|PRO is a 200-watt high force, working room generator, by Bovie. The unit fuses the
force and security of a charge OR generator at a critical reserve fund to the clinical office. The framework
conveys 12 monopolar and bipolar RF energy modalities to give an elevated level of careful accuracy.

Designed in view of the wellbeing of the patient, the Aaron Surgi-Center|PRO incorporates innovation, for example, BovieNEM return split cushion contact quality checking, BovieFDFS tissue detecting innovation, individual test circuits, just as specific modalities for laparoscopic and sensitive systems. The Aaron Surgi-Center|PRO is upheld by Bovie’s remarkable 4-year standard guarantee.

Main Characteristics:

  • Double Monopolar Spray Activation: The SurgiCenter|PRO offers synchronous enactment in shower with discernible actuation tones. The concurrent conveyance produces equivalent and even force yields in every embellishment, for a more secure conveyance of double monopolar energy.
  • Particular Laparoscopic Mode: Bovie’s Cut II is custom fitted explicitly for Laparoscopic methods. The mode offers a decisively overseen cutting energy that cutoff points yield consequently limiting the expected danger of capacitive coupling and substitute site consumes.
  • Careful Memory Technology: The SurgiCenter|PRO reviews the last utilized force and mode. The specialist can store 10 client characterized RF presets for simple review.
  • Flexible Power during Activation: The force can be changed up or down in factor steps while performing methodology, to increment procedural proficiency and give a suitable measure of capacity to the careful site.
  • Tolerant Safety Features: This return anode contact quality observing framework is intended to limit the danger of patient consumption at the return cathode site. This component works related to dispensable split bring anodes back. Bovie FDFS – The tissue detecting innovation measures tissue 5 million times each second and acclimates to fluctuating impedances 5000 times each second for exact energy conveyance.
Feature Specification
Energy Modalities 12
Blend Modes 4
Coagulation Modes 3
Generator 200 Watt
Warranty 4 years
Height 16.5 cm
Width 37.5 cm
Depth 46 cm
Weight 9.1 kg
Line Voltage 100-240 VAC
Line Frequency 50-60 Hz
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