Allied health AHP 300 ventilator

The Allied 300 Transportation ventilator (AHP300) is a compact, electrically operated emergency ventilator that offers relief with a face mask or tube implanted in a patient’s airway.?

The AHP300 can help the respiratory efforts of the patient in different ways. The modes included Noise Support control (Noise AC), Coordinated transient ventilation volume (Pressure SIMV), Pressure control (Pressure AC), Pressure control (Pressure SIMV) and Constant Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP).? The Allied ventilator will provide the patient with internal compressors and external gas sources. Allied health AHP 300 Ventilator provides Intrusive and non-invasive assistance for infants (5 kg and up) to adult patients with a versatile range of ventilation options including pressure control / volume control, Spontaneous breathing assistance SIMV / Assist, and stand-alone CPAP / BiLevel support.

The Allied Healthcare AHP300 Travel Ventilator is a compact, electrically operated ventilator that is intended to assist respiratory emergencies by a mask or tube placed in the airway of the patient. It offers intrusive and non-invasive respiratory assistance with a number of breathing modes. Transport ventilator AHP300 is equipped to be used by trained vital staff, paramedics and respiratory therapists in EMS (emergency medical services), inter-patient transport and patient facilities.


  1. A / CMV (pressure or volume).
  2. SIMV (pressure or volume).
  3. CPAP. CPAP.
  4. Bi-level help
  5. Available in all modes NIV
  6. Five Fast Start Programmable Presets.
  7. Parameters monitored: Paw (peak, base), Volume of the mare supplied, Random Breath Count, Incorporated Battery Level, External Battery Level, while connected.
  8. Parameters calculated: I: e ratio, flow rate, and FiO2.
  9. Fast Start Ventilation: The AHP300 features programmable presets that enable skilled caregivers to retrieve up to five ventilation protocols easily.
  10. Long battery life: with an auxiliary battery capacity of up to 7.5 hours with a battery life of up to 21 hours.
  11. Oxygen Conservation Mode: It allows the usage of low-pressure sources thus helping to maximize the volume of oxygen required.
  12. Multi-environmental capacity: For normal transportation or displacement from harsh conditions. The AHP300 has a robust shock, vibration tolerance and water resistance to IPX22.
  13. Low cost of ownership: Low cost battery, replacement parts, and a clear preventive maintenance plan contribute to considerable reductions and reduced running expenses than the broad-based fans of rivals.


Feature Specification
FiO2 1.00 to 0.21.
Maximum duration for the first duration 2 seconds
RR (Respiratory Rate) between 0 and 5 to 60 b / min
I Time 0.5 to 2.0 seconds (Inspiratory Time)
Amount of tidal 40 to 2000 ml
Pressure Control 15 – 55 cmH2O?
Pressure / sensitivity -5 – -2 cmH2O?
Inflation manual? overall 2 seconds
Flow 5 – 60 L per min?
Auto Lock feature ON / OFF
Remote Alarm Option Open / Closed normally
CPAP / PEEP? 0 – 25 cmH2O per 0 sec?
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