Drager Babylog VN500 Neonatal Ventilator

From past to the future, The Babylog® VN500 joins our long periods of involvement in the most recent innovation.

The outcome is a finished, incorporated ventilation answer for the smallest of patients. Proceeding towards a unique technology and getting ready for the advancements of tomorrow. 

Main Characteristics:

1. Configurable UI and checking instruments 
  • Individual checking sees that can be dictated by the client 
  • Normalized, instinctive and easy to use graphical UI 
  • Online assistance including setting touchy assistance capacities 
  • Broadened checking capacities and keen information representations 
2. Dynamic devices that decline intellectual remaining task at hand 
  • Keen Pulmonary View gives a graphical presentation of the consistence and obstruction, including unconstrained relaxing
  • Moving, estimated boundaries, waveforms and circles 
3. Workstation capacities 
  • Setup to suit your requirements 
  • Downloadable screen captures for preparing, examination and information move 
  • Quick, standard setup of all Babylog VN500 gadgets by means of USB 
  • Capacity to associate the C500 Cockpit show to an overhead projector 
  • 3 RS-232 information ports for data sharing to focal data set frameworks 
  • A few log send out choices to help learning and examination 
4. Progressed respiratory consideration 
  • Unique Dräger spill transformation and hole pay innovation to keep up delicate setting off and volume targets 
  • Volume Guarantee can be utilized for weaning and advances unconstrained breathing and naturally uphold by quiet necessities 
  • Incorporated non-intrusive ventilation and high-stream oxygen treatment
Feature Specification
Screen Display 17″ color touch
Internal Battery 30 min
Serial interfaces RS232, USB, LAN
External Battery ✓ Optional
Inspiratory Flow max. 120 L/min
Patient categories Pediatric patients, Neonates
Operational Application Fully-featured, high-end NICU ventilator
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