GE MAC 5500 HD ECG System

The MAC 5500 represents the innovation of GE in healthcare as it is one of the most advanced machines for disease management apparatus. The machine provides sophisticated solutions for non-invasive diagnosis and testing. It uses advanced algorithms for effective and accurate ECG interpretation and graph analysis.

With usage cases in a wide range of applications including both children and adults, it is certified
to operate in a vast number of environments. It covers the following analysis algorithms under its
system to provide extensive diagnostic capabilities:
– Marquette 12SL* ECG analysis program for adults and pediatrics
– Marquette Hookup Advisor* signal quality analysis program
– Marquette 12SL with Gender-Specific interpretation
– ACS (Acute Coronary Syndrome)
– Marquette 12SL with ACI-TIPI (Acute Cardiac Ischemia Time-Insensitive Predictive
– Simultaneous 15-lead acquisition, storage, and assessment
– P-Wave Signal Averaging
– Hi-Res Late Potential Analysis
– High Definition Pacemaker-Detection Software
– Serial ECG Comparisons using MUSE


The machine is easy to operate and allows for fast and streamline workflows to minimize
individual ECG generation times. Some key features offered in this machine include the
– Clearer image with minimal noise using the Digital CAM-HD module.
– Analog outputs allow plugging into other diagnostic tools for cardiac function.
– Patient data automation with the option for barcode scanning to automate date retrieval and

– Advance security features for ensuring adherence to HIPAA concerns and end to end data
– Compact design with trolley feature for maximum mobility
– Stress option for exercise testing with minimal distortion using better signal-acquisition for
much more accurate ECG results.
Major processing features along with their specifications are provided below:

Feature Specification
ECG Interpretation Marquette* 12SL* ECG Analysis Program for Adults and Pediatrics
Computerized Measurements 15-lead analysis includes measurements of user-selectable additional 3 leads
Optional Hi-Res Late Potential Analysis and P-Wave Signal – Averaged ECG
Additional ECG Function Vectorcardiography
ECG Analysis Frequency 500 samples/second (sps)
ECG Storage` 200 ECGs in internal memory
External Archiving Secure Digital card
Digital Sampling Rate 16,000 samples/second/channel
Pre-Acquisition Provides 10 seconds of instantaneous ECG acquisition
Dynamic Range AC Differential ± 5mV, DC offset ±300 mV
Resolution 4.88 µV/LSB @ 250 sps, 4.88 µV/LSB @ 500 sps
Frequency Response -3 dB @ 0.01 to 150 Hz
Common Mode Rejection >140 dB (123 dB with AC filter disabled)
Input Impedance >10MΩ @ 10 Hz, defibrillator protected
Patient Leakage <10 µA
Pace Detection Meets or exceeds ANSI/AAMI EC11-1991 standards
Pace Digital Sampling Rate 75,000 samples/second/channel
Pace Pulse Width as low as 0.2 ms in duration
Pace Pulse Amplitude as low as 0.5 mV in amplitude
Special Acquisition Functions Disconnected lead detection, electrode impedance, excessive AC noise, baseline wander, and muscle tremor messages
Heart Rate Meter 30 to 300 BPM ±10% or 5 BPM, whichever is greater. Heart rates outside this range will not be displayed
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