Respironics V200 Ventilator

The Respironics V200 is a basic consideration ventilator which is made for helping patients in breathing with synchrony choices and best in class ventilation modes.

The plan of V200’s and the scope of treatment is not related to the climate. It interfaces with Philips’s understanding screens and medical clinic data frameworks for a consistent progression of ventilation data. 

For obtrusive ventilation, the V200 gives quickly conspicuous modes. Behind these modes, the V200 ventilator utilizes progressed breath conveyance calculations—Auto-Trak, Flow-Trak, and Baby-Trak—to improve quiet ventilator synchrony. 

For noninvasive ventilation (NIV), the V200 provide facilities like the BiPAP Vision with Auto-Trak, the highest quality level for NIV. By utilizing unconstrained breathing (S) and planned back-up (S/T) with IPAP and EPAP settings, the V200 keeps NIV basic, for latest and expert clinicians.

Feature Specification
Breath Types VCV & PCV
Power Sources 120 VAC 50/60 Hz
Internal Battery 12 VDC
External Battery 12 VDC
Overall Dimensions 22.9 × 31.1 × 31.1 cm
Weight  13.1 kg
Pressure -25 to 150 cm H2O 0 to 100 psi
Flow (standard) 0 to 300 SLPM
Torque 5 to 25 in-lb
Volume (STP) 0 to 10 L STP
Voltage DC: ± 5 to 50 V AC: 2 to 300 V
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