Tuttnauer EZ10 Series Automatic Autoclave Sterilizer

The 10″ Fully Automatic Autoclave from the EZ Series, produced by Tuttnauer, will run a full sanitization cycle with just one click. This autoclave has numerous highlights making it proficient and advantageous.

A vacuum apparatus courses hot air after the sanitization for quick drying. The shut entryway drying framework guarantees sterility and effective drying of packs and pockets. The entryway has a twofold bolting highlight to keep it from opening while the chamber is pressurized. The entryway is planned in a manner that guarantees steam won’t arrive at the control board. The channel valve in the front gives simple and fast depleting of the water repository.?

The gadget has a steady observing component to guarantee legitimate temperature and weight. On the occasion that the cycle is interfered with, a discernible alarm will sound. The unit will naturally close off when the disinfection and drying cycle closes. A sensor distinguishes when there is an inadequate measure of water in the supply or chamber and keeps the sanitization from happening. There is a force blackout recuperation framework too. There are pre-stacked cycles for wrapped packs, opened instruments, crystal, and for an extra drying cycle. All program boundaries can be redone to the client’s inclination and put away for some time in the future.

Feature Specification
Chamber Dimensions 10″ x 19″
Volume 23 Liters
Overall Dimension 21.5″ x 20″ x 12.4″
Standard Cassettes 3 full / 3 half
Tray Dimensions 16.3″ x 6.7″ x 0.8″
No. of Trays 4
Unwrapped hot Cycle Time: 11 mins
Unwrapped cold cycle time 21 mins
Voltage 120V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 1400W
Weight 95lbs
Hepa filter 0.2??m
Current 12A
Clearance 510k
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