ValleyLab Force FXC Electrosurgical Generator

The Valleylab Force FX is a disconnected yield electrosurgical generator that gives the ability to cutting, parching, and fulgurating tissue during a medical procedure. The generator is utilized for bipolar and monopolar electrosurgical systems

You can utilize handset or footswitch controls to actuate the generator. Repositories are set apart to guarantee the right association of embellishments. Markers alert you when the generator is actuated.?

The Force FX permits you to change the initiation tone volume and reset the mode and force settings utilized already. An RF initiation port, RS-232 sequential port, and development port are likewise included.?

The Force FX can be utilized related to the Valleylab Force GSU System and the Valleylab Electro shield Monitor. Allude to the manuals gave these items for more data.

Feature Specification
Precise 470 kHz sinusoid
Standard 470 kHz sinusoid
Macro 470 kHz sinusoid
Current 10 ?A
Height 57 inches
Width 51-1/2 inches
Depth 24-1/8 inches
Line Voltage 85 to 132 AC volts.
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