Rental Benefits

Whenever you are renting medical equipment from RTEX, we strive to make sure our clients receive the finest quality products and service in every aspect. The equipment we provide is always in excellent patient ready condition and stored in temperature-controlled warehouses where they are cleaned and serviced. This is something that you will only find with the best medical equipment rental service providers. RTEX strives every day to make sure its customers can continually rely on its quality of service, as our clients and patients are our top priority.

Why You Should Choose RTEX?

In the medical profession, meeting high quality standards in every aspect is the basic requirement. Having to purchase the right equipment to make your procedures meet these high standards can often push hospital funding and budgets to the limit, where in many cases is simply not be affordable or economical. That is why a good rental service can allow you to operate without having to invest in a wide range of newer technology and machines without a big investment.

RTEX provides industry leading services when it comes to medical equipment rental. With a strict quality assurance practice and effective policies, we ensure that every customer can get all the equipment they need in the best possible condition. We follow the regulations shared by OEMs for all equipment that we rent out and even add further conditions to make sure you can continue using the equipment without any issues.

Our range of offerings is extensive, and you can find a wide variety of equipment including, patient facilitation and care equipment, monitoring devices, cardiac equipment, surgical and critical care, pumps, and anesthesia machines.

Another key advantage of renting equipment from us is the fact that we have authorized deals with several key brands and dealers across the country. This allows us to access useful information from manufacturers that can let us service each product in the best possible manner. This is extremely important since we rent refurbished machines in many cases, therefore relying on the equipment to be in excellent working condition.

Best Rates

Renting medical equipment can be expensive, even compared to buying each product. To make sure you have access to as many tools as possible, we provide some of the best rates in the entire market. You can rely on us for meeting your needs at a rate that can meet your requirements without becoming a big burden.

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