Warranty Policy

Any equipment purchased from RTEX will be subject to the policy defined below. This will cover all forms of purchasing offers including purchasing orders or any other equipment as well.

Limited Warranty

All equipment, unless stated otherwise, comes with a limited 1-year warranty which also includes 90 days coverage for accessories. Refurbished equipment will come with 90-day warranty, as will any equipment that is sold to customers outside the United States. Leased equipment will also have 90-day warranty, unless stated otherwise in the leasing agreement. Parts bought separately will come with 30-day warranty which also apply for any repairs that we make on any equipment. Damages caused during shipment need to be declared within 3 days of receiving the equipment.


New equipment will not be covered under standard warranty and will follow OEM provided warranty only. It will also exclude warranty for disposable or consumable equipment and will immediately be invalid in case of improper use of equipment. Faults arising from use of accessories with equipment where RTEX determines that the equipment is working properly will also be excluded from warranty coverage. Selling or moving the equipment without prior notice to RTEX will void the warranty. Scheduled maintenance is not included in the warranty and needs to be performed as required. Failure of equipment because of improper maintenance, as well as having equipment repaired by third party, will also void the warranty. Please provide a written authorization in the case of third party repairs.

Warranty Claims

Failure of equipment upon arrival needs to be reported to RTEX within 3 days of receipt. All malfunctions will be fixed by RTEX free of charge during warranty period. If equipment is not fixable, a replacement will be provided free of charge. RTEX will perform a full inspection to make sure all warranty clauses are adhered before beginning repairs. Equipment sent without issues for inspection will cost 1 labor hour. Shipment for warranty claim will be borne by the customer under all circumstances. All customers outside the United States will only be eligible for parts against repairing. Shipping will be borne by customer for all parts as well, but they can get free labor during warranty period.

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